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Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station

Friday 18th September
Fine in fresh easterlies
High water 0558; 1817 height 19`7"

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10th April 2020 - short video
Sennen Cove Lifeboat

11 Feb
30 November
30 November

Sennen Cove Lifeboat
`RNLB City of London III`

Sennen Cove
Inshore Lifeboat

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City of London III
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Sennen Cove

Established in 1853 , The Royal National Lifeboat Institution`s Sennen Cove Station is situated just one mile northeast of Land`sEnd .

The Station is protected to some extent from the full force of the Atlantic Ocean by the high cliffs of Pedn-men-du ~ but still offers
some of the most challenging conditions to be found anywhere round the coast of the UK for lifeboat operations.

Sennen Cove
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Latest Service Launch

RNLI lifeboats assist rescue of injured climber.

On Monday 7 September at 5.35 pm HM Coastguard Falmouth requested the assistance of Sennen Cove RNLI Lifeboat Station, following reports that a marine climber had fallen down cliffs at Gwennap Head and sustained serious injuries.

Both lifeboats launched at 5.40 pm, the D class inshore lifeboat Amy Brown with 3 crew on board and the all weather Tamar class lifeboat City of London III with 8 crew on board, and made best speed to the location. The Land's End Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team were already on scene, along with a marine doctor.

A careful examination of the casualty revealed that he had a broken femur. There was also concern that he may have sustained some head injuries. A land ambulance was tasked to the area. There was much discussion as to the best and safest way to evacuate the casualty, including the possibility of transferring him to the the lifeboats and transporting him to the ambulance at Sennen Cove.

However, in view of his injuries and the risk involved in getting the inshore lifeboat close enough to the bottom of the cliffs in the breaking waves, it was decided that the safest way was to use the Coastguard Rescue helicopter 924 to airlift him directly to hospital.

At about 7.40 pm, the tricky operation was completed, and with the casualty safely aboard the helicopter, he was transferred directly to Derriford Hospital. At 7.45 pm both lifeboats were stood down and they returned to the station at 8.00 pm.



Image by Paul Rimmer showing the lifeboat back in her boathouse.



Saturday 16th January
Lifeboat launching on exercise this afternoon


Friday 9th December 2016
John Chappell, our Hon Sec (LOM to be pc) retires today after many years in the post. John has used his wide local and professional knowledge to our great advantage over the years - and we wish him many happy hours `up Cape` on the golf course without a pager in his pocket !!
Thank you JC

Latest YouTube Videos - more video here

A recent Exercise launch on YouTube here
(Thanks Jack Lancaster)

Recovery from `Diaol Armor` 18th September 2013
(thanks Paul Haslam)
Launch to `Diaol Armor` 18th September 2013
(thanks Paul Haslam)
Service to yacht `Diaol Armor` 18th September 2013
Video made with The Met Office 4th May 2013
Lands End Lifeboat Day low water launch 25 July 2013
(thanks Jon Dixon)
Service Launch 12th January 2013
(thanks Paul Rimmer)
Service Launch 1st September 2012
(thanks Peter Hughes)
Service Launch 6th April 2012
(thanks Paul Haslam)
Service Launch 20th November 2011
(thanks Neil Smith)
`City of London III` service launch to sloop `Ripple` + recovery
(thanks Dan Shannon)
Appledore`s new Tamar `Molly Hunt` visits Sennen Cove
21st March 2010
`City of London III` Exercise launch and low water recovery
1st March 2010

The Station operates a Tamar class All-Weather Lifeboat and a D Class Inshore Lifeboat.

The Tamar Class "R.N.L.B. City of London III " is the station lifeboat . Built in 2009 at a cost of £ 2.7M, she is a 16m self-righting lifeboat powered by two 1000hp Caterpillar C18 diesels giving her a top speed of 25 knots, with an endurance of 10 hours + at full speed.

The Tamar is launched down a slipway in the `traditional` fashion. The Station is unique in having two slipways , allowing the lifeboat to be recovered in the shelter of the breakwater at high tide ; or up the launching slipway at low tide.

The IB1 D Class inshore lifeboat "Spirit of the R.L.C." is a fast response craft , capable of 25 knots with a crew of 3 . The ILB is ideal for operating close to the cliff and in surf in moderate weather.

A Crew Pool of 24 people are available to man the lifeboats - all highly trained and dedicated volunteers. This pool ensures adequate crew availability to man both boats immediately 24 hours daily 365 days per year.

Flank Lifeboats operate from Penlee (Newlyn) , St.Mary`s - Isles of Scilly ; and St. Ives - so there is comprehensive lifeboat coverage round the southwest coast of Cornwall.
The Royal Naval Air Station at Culdrose , near Helston, operates a Sea King search and rescue helicopter - and H.M. Coastguard operate Cliff Rescue Teams at Porthleven, Penzance, Land`s End and St.Ives.

Search and Rescue incidents are co-ordinated from H.M.Coastguard Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre at Falmouth.


New Inshore Lifeboat `Amy Brown`
(image thanks Peter Puddiphatt)

Station Personnel 31st January 2010 - click image for large image.
(image thanks Tim Stevens)


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