Monday 19th November
Sennen Cove:- Grey Phalarope
Sennen:- Short-eared Owl quartering fields east of Trevescan this afternoon
Bartinney:- 4 Short-eared Owl.
Lands End:- Short-eared Owl; 3 Black Redstart; Northern Wheatear.
Nanjizal:- Richard`s Pipit; Yellow-browed Warbler
Lamorna Cove:- Water Pipit; Black Redstart
Marazion:- 2 Great Northern Diver in Mount`s Bay; Bittern over Long Rock Pool

Sunday 18th November
Sennen:- Snow Bunting on path to Land`s End (thanks Andrew and Sharon)
Lands End:- Pallid Swift reported over the complex
Bartinney:- 4 Short-eared Owl.
Kenidjack:- 114 Redwing; 3 Song Thrush in off the sea (thanks Dave)
Sancreed:- 293 Canada Geese (thanks Dave)
Morvah:- Black Redstart in Rose Valley. Common or Pallid Swift over.
Hayle:- Spoonbill; c100 Golden Plover; Wigeon; Teal (thanks David); Garganey; 2 Black Redstart at Phillack.

Saturday 17th November
Chapel Carn Brea:- at least 4 Short-eared Owl in fields north of the road.
Porthgwarra:- Yellow-browed Warbler; Siberian Chiffchaff.
Porthcurno:- 2 Yellow-browed Warbler
Sancreed:- 12 Snipe; c150 Chaffinch; c100 Goldfinch; c80 Linnet (thanks Dave)
Newmill:- Woodcock (thanks Liz)
Marazion:- ad m Black Redstart in private garden
Hayle:- Spotted Redshank on Lelant Saltings

Friday 16th November
Nanjizal:- Yellow-browed Warbler; Snow Bunting
Sancreed:- Woodcock; 2 Chiffchaff; 211 Canada Geese; Firecrest; Goldcrest.(thanks Dave)
Marazion:- 2 Yellow-browed Warbler; Bittern
Hale:- Spotted Redshank on Lelant Saltings

Thursday 15th November
Sennen Bay:- Arctic Skua west this morning
Kenidjack:- Dusky Warbler at the sewage works
Marazion:- Black Redstart at Long Rock
Hayle:- Garganey again on the Estuary
Gwithian:- Hooded Crow.

Wednesday 14th November
Chapel Carn Brea:- 4 Short-eared Owls over fields by car park.
Polgigga:- Yellow-browed Warbler on Bosistow Lane
Crowlas:- ringtail Hen Harrier over northwest.
Hayle:- Garganey on Lelant Saltings. Spoonbill on Ryan`s Field (thanks Peter)

Tuesday 13th November
Porthgwarra:- Pallas`s Warbler again in sallows east of coastguard cottages.
Bartinney Downs: 4 Short-eared Owl.
Kenidjack:- Dusky Warbler this morning
Sancreed:- Merlin; Kestrel; 8 Snipe; Stonechat; 2 Goldcrest. 5 Lapwing, 5 Stock Dove, 18 Skylark; 65 Redwing over west. (thanks Dave)
Drift Reservoir:- 2 Little Grebe; 5 Teal; Gadwall; 2 Tufted Duck; 95 Candada Geese; Stonechat; 3 Chiffchaff (thanks Dave)
Penzance:- 2 Black Redstart Mennay Road (thanks Paula)
Marazion:- ad Pacific Diver offshore

Monday 12th November
Cot Valley:- Yellow-browed Warbler
Porthgwarra:- Pallas`s Warbler in sallows east of coastguard cottages
St Levan Churchtown:- 2 Yellow-browed Warber in sallow clump north of turning circle.
Penzance:- ad Pacific Diver offshore
Marazion:- Garganey on RSPB reserve
Hayle:- Spoonbill again on Ryan`s Field this morning (thanks Peter); 2w Caspian Gull on the Estuary

Sunday 11th November
Lands End:- m Snow Bunting on coastal path northeast of here; same or another later in the car park.
Bartinney Downs:- 2 Short-eared Owl
Sancreed:- Black Redstart. 50 Woodpigeon; 60 Chaffinch west. (thanks Dave)
Drift Reservoir:- 1w Little Gull
Kenidjack:- Yellow-browed Warbler at the sewage works
Marazion:- 3 Great Northern Diver offshore
Hayle:- Spoonbill again on Ryan`s Field (thanks Peter); also Garganey there; Yellow-browed Warbler

Saturday 10th November
Kenidjack:- Yellow-browed Warbler; Siberian Chiffchaff at sewage works

Friday 9th November
Mount`s Bay:- poss White-billed Diver
Marazion:- 1w Little Gull at Long Rock Pool

Thursday 8th November
Sennen:- Yellow-browed Warbler at Trevescan

Wednesday 7th November
Cot Valley:- Yellow-browed Warbler; Firecrest

Tuesday 6th November
Pendeen:- Cattle Egret at Manor Farm

Monday 5th November
Sennen:- Short-eared Owl at Trinity Loop
Porthgwarra:- Yellow-browed Warbler in 60ft cover.
St Levan Churchtown:- Yellow-browed Warbler at Gray Gables
Porthcurno:- Yellow-browed Warbler
Sancreed:- Short-eared Owl over; Barn Owl; 8 Snipe; 20 Meadow Pipit; 2 Stonechat (thanks Dave)
Drift Reservoir:- Gadwall; 4 Wigeon; 9 Teal; 3 Tufted Duck; 137 Canada Geese; 3 Chiffchaff (thanks Dave)
Penzance:- Yellow-browed Warbler between The Lidden and Newlyn
Hayle:- Spoonbill again on the Estuary

Sunday 4th November

Lands End:- Lapland Bunting; Short-eared Owl
Sancreed:- Woodcock; Crossbill (thanks Dave)
Penzance:- Curlew Sandpiper again at Wherrytown beach
Men an Tol:- 2 Lapland Bunting
Hayle:- Spoonbill on the Estuary again today

Saturday 3rd November
Penzance:- Curlew Sandpiper again on the beach at Wherrytown
Marazion:- 2w Caspian Gull at Long Rock Pool

Friday 2nd November
Porthgwarra:- Merlin over out to sea. 3 Golden Plover; 82 Stock Dove; 15 Skylark; 1 Fieldfare; 10 Redwing; Mistle Thrush; Brambling; 5 Chiffchaff; 4 Chough (thanks Dave). Yellow-browed Warbler
Porthcurno:- Yellow-browed Warbler to seaward of car park.
Kenidjack:- Yellow-browed Warbler
Pendeen Watch:- 2 Black Redstart again at the lighthouse
Penzance:- Curlew Sandpiper on the beach at Wherrytown
Mulfra Hill:- Hen Harrier west (thanks Liz)
Boswednack:- 10 Chough; Chiffchaff; Goldcrest (thanks Liz)
Trevowhan:- ringtail Hen Harrier at Trevean Cliff
Hayle:- Water Pipit on the estuary; Spoonbill on Ryan`s Field; Osprey over.

Thursday 1st November

Nanjizal:- Richard`s Pipit over.
Polgigga:- Yellow-browed Warbler on Bosistow Lane
Cot Valley:- Yellow-browed Warbler; Firecrest.
Sancreed:- 6 Lapwing; 10 Golden Plover; 30 Stock Dove west. 5 Fieldfare; 20 Redwing; Chiffchaff; Brambling; Reed Bunting.(Thanks Dave)
Drift Reservoir:- 1w dr Ring-necked Duck; 3 wigeon; 86 Canada Geese; Snipe; Chiffchaff; 2 Godlcrest; 10 Redwing; 40 Meadow Pipit. (thanks Dave)
Penzance;- Curlew Sandpiper on Wherrytown beach.
Men an Tol:- m Hen Harrier; Barn Owl (thanks Jonathan)
Hayle:- Spoonbill; 2w Caspian Gull