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Recent Services 7th January 2018

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Lifeboat News - compiled by Brian Simpson ~ Station Honorary Press Officer

Thankfully the Christmas and New Year period proved to be a quiet time for Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station. In contrast, 2017 was a very busy year for our volunteer lifeboat crew. The service calls were quite varied in nature, such as taking stranded yachts and fishing boats into the safety of Newlyn harbour, searching for missing persons, a long haul almost to Ireland, and assisting commercial vessels experiencing difficulties. One of the most spectacular and challenging shouts was the joint service call between Sennen Cove and Penlee to the 88 metre, 3,600 ton coaster Lady Alida  in March. The two lifeboat crews were required to work in harmony, so that the combined power of the two lifeboats could be harnessed to move the stricken vessel into safer waters to await a suitable tug.  The operation, carried out twice in demanding conditions, is a fitting tribute to the skill of the two crews.  The service was a feature of the outstanding BBC series Saving Lives at Sea last year. What challenges will 2018 bring to our volunteer crews? Whatever they will be asked to do this year, one thing is certain, they will be ready 24/7 to answer the call for help.


How time flies! When you are reading this, it will be fast approaching the re-opening of the Lifeboat Shop down in the Cove. The Fund-raising Team is always keen to welcome new members.  If, for instance, you are thinking of offering a few hours of your time to help in the Shop, please contact our volunteer Shop Manager, Jenny Baxter, on 871916. It is an interesting way to support the work of saving lives at sea.


There has been a good deal of publicity again this winter, especially during the stormy weather, about of the dangers of raging seas.  Such sights are exciting and exhilarating but are extremely hazardous for the unwary.  Watching from a safe distance provides an unforgettable experience without any tragic consequences.  The RNLI slogan Respect the Water makes sense in every situation.

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