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Monday 18th March Relief Tamar Class Lifeboat "Peter and Leslie-Jane Nicholson"

The relief Tamar class lifeboat "Peter and Leslie-Jane Nicholson" launched at 1530 to assist in a search for a missing person in the Cape Cornwall - Botallack area. The lifeboat carried out a shoreline search from Cot Valley towards Pendeen Watch.
The missing person was located safe ashore at appx 1630 and the lifeboat returned to station at 1700.

Crew:- Ollie George; Richard Brown; Dan Shannon; Jason Woodward; Alvin Thomas (on his first service launch !).
Weather:- Periods of rain in fresh northwesterlies - with a moderate sea.

Wednesday 13th March Relief Tamar Class Lifeboat "Peter and Leslie-Jane Nicholson"

The lifeboat launched just after midnight to assist the French trawler La Fanette, disabled, with 6 persons on board, some 10 miles west-northwest of Sennen Cove.
The lifeboat arrived with the trawler an hour later in severe conditions with a swell peaking near 20ft (roughly a two-storey house) and winds gusting to over 70mph.
Another trawler had attempted to pass a tow without success. After careful consideration the lifeboat crew decided that the risk of incurring damage and / or injuries to the crew in attempting to pass a tow - and subsequently attempting to tow the trawler - was too great, and the lifeboat stood by the vessel.
The rate of drift would have put the trawler ashore in roughly three hours. With this in mind, the vessel`s crew deployed their trawling gear and warps, which dramatically reduced the rate of drift and stabilised the situation.
Having consulted within their organisation at the highest level; also with counter-pollution authorities, the trawler`s owners and insurers, the Coastguard advised that the crew would be evacuated by helicopter.
In what the lifeboat crew described as a brilliant piece of flying, the 6 crewmen were evacuated by the coastguard helicopter - the operation has been widely described elsewhere on facebook and other media.
Penlee lifeboat had also been launched around 0330 to provide further cover to the overall operation, and endured a very poor passage around the Runnelstone and The Longships.
With the trawler`s crew safe, the lifeboats were released roughly around 0500 and both lifeboats proceeded to Newlyn, as conditions were way too poor for recovery at Sennen Cove.
The trawler was left anchored by her fishing gear. She dragged this over a few miles and was eventually taken in tow in slightly improved conditions by her sister trawler later in the afternoon and towed stern-first back towards France. A tug from Brest met the convoy half way across the channel; and with the assistance of a second tug, the La Fanette eventually arrived at Brest some 72 hours after being taken under tow.

Conditions early on Wednesday morning were very likely the worst that Sennen Cove Lifeboat has launched into since the `Julian Paul` job in 1994.

Crew:- . Ollie George; Richard Brown; Dan Shannon; Kirstan Gorvin; Jason Woodward; Nick Hichens; Tom Nicholas

Weather:- Squally showers in westerly winds gusting to over 70mph. Very rough sea.
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