Sennen Cove Birdwatching

Cory`s shearwater
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Sennen Cove


Sennen Cove

Birdwatching Information

Situated just one mile to the north-east of Land`s End , Sennen Cove is ideally situated to receive regular visits from migrating birds - which inevitably will include the occasional scarce or rare species.
Though only a small area, the Cove boasts a wide variation in habitat - from rocky shoreline through lush vegitation to short-grass and heather clifftop.
Sennen Beach1 The large expanse of Sennen Beach hosts quite large numbers of gulls , with regular flocks of up to 100 Lesser black-backed during early autumn on migration ; and similar numbers of Black-headed Gulls which are absent only during the breeding period between April and July. Flocks of up to 40 Sandwich Terns can be seen in spring and autumn , with a sprinkling of Common Terns . Small numbers of Sanderling and Ringed Plover also occur.
Cowloe2 Cowloe Reef lies just to the west of Sennen Cove and is a much-used roosting site for Gulls, Oystercatchers, Curlew, Whimbrel , Terns (mainly Sandwich) , Shag - and flocks of Turnstone and Purple Sandpiper.
Cowloe can be easily viewed with a telescope from the Harbour Car Park at the Cove.
The reef covers at high water- spring tides , and this is often a good time to explore the breakwater and Polpesa areas .
Polpesa3 The rocks to the west of the breakwater at Sennen Harbour, known locally as Polpesa, provide a regular high-water roost for waders and gulls displaced from Cowloe Reef. Flocks of around a dozen Turnstones and Purple Sandpipers are present from early autumn through to late spring. A few Knot and Dunlin pass through in autumn, as does the odd Redshank and Ringed Plover. Grey Plover can occur in winter ; and up to 40 Oystercatchers are present for most of the year.
Sennen Beach Car Park4 A large area of Privet and other trees and shrubs border the Sennen Beach Car Park.
Looking straight out onto the Atlantic Ocean , surely one day this `patch` will host an American warbler.
The footpath from here skirts the sand-dunes on its way to Vellandreath - a few hundred yards to the east.
Pedn-Men-Du5 Just a short walk up the cliff path at the western end of the Cove to reach the headland at Pedn-Men-Du . Superb views here to Land`s End and beyond.
The clifftop terrain is mainly short-cropped grass - this is a very good spot for Wheatear in both srping and autumn. Small flocks of Whimbrel also frequent the area in spring.
In autumn quite large numbers of Meadow Pipit mix with the resident Linnet and Stonechat ; and one autumn a few years ago a superb flock of 25 Snow Bunting were present here for a couple of weeks.
Trinity Pool6 A recently-established cycle path runs from Sennen to Land`s End , with fields on its eastern side and cliff scrubland to the west. Part way along the path, a large overgrown fowling pool provides a special habitat with good potential for rare species.Common Whitethroat are plentiful in the summer, with the occasional Grasshopper Warbler and a few Sedge Warblers.
The cycle path might not look very nice, but it does provide easy access to this lovely place.
Sennen Birding Map

Black numbers refer to the red numbers alongside the images , with arrows where appropriate showing direction of view.

Sennen Cove Travel Information
Sennen is on the main A30 , one mile east of Land`s End.....the turning down to Sennen Cove is well signed opposite the School.

There are two car parks in the Cove - one at the Harbour end and one at the main beach end ; both these parks operate a `pay and display` system. During the main summer season, the Cove rapidly becomes full on fine days and an overflow car park comes into operation at the top of the hill.

There are plenty of facilities in the Cove , with public telephones and toilets at both ends ; cafes, shops , galleries and The Old Success Inn , which also serves meals etc.

The new cycle path starts from the western end of Maria`s Lane.
Maria`s Lane branches off the main road at the crest of the hill into the Cove ; there is virtually no parking at the end of the lane.
A walk from the Cove car park to the old lookout on Pedn-Men-Du , then bearing left towards the terraced houses leads to the start of the path.

Sennen `Overhill` Birdwatching
Wh Birdwatching Map

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