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Cory`s shearwater
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Birdwatching at `Overhill` Sennen.

Sennen is traditionally divided between the Cove and Covers ; and the part of the Parish which lies on the higher ground - Overhillers !

This page covers some aspects of birdwatching on the higher ground of Sennen.

Winter Birds7
A typical winter scene - a mixed flock of Lapwing and Golden Plover in a field adjacent to Sennen School.
The village of Sennen is surrounded by farmland - so it is not surprising that most of the attention focuses on fields - particularly during the autumn and winter periods.
For migrant birds in autumn , the Sennen cliffs and fields represent the `end of the mainland` - and it is quite likely that lots of autumn migrants actually come in off the sea after crossing from Ireland or Wales.

Bosvine8 Trevorrian9
These are two of the best birding fields .....on the left is the field on Bosvine corner ; on the Brew road at sw 364:258. This field held 5 Dotterel, a Buff-breasted Sandpiper and three dark-bellied Brent Geese in autumn 2000.
On the right is the large field immediately off the main A30 at Trevorrian farm - sw 368:267 . On one day this field held an American Golden Plover , Dotterel, 2 Lapland Buntings and a Buff-breasted Sandpiper in autumn 2000 !

Lyonesse10 Trevescan11
Obviously , the suitability of any field for birds depends on the crop , or state of rotation of crops. Autumn stubble fields are favourites - with flocks of Linnets, Chaffinches etc , sometimes with Lapland Buntings or Ortolan Buntings as a bonus . The stubble field above left is on the west side of the A30 between the Garage and the Church at sw 356:258.
Ploughed fields are always popular , and the image above right is of Trevescan , with Trevilley in the background, taken from the main A30 near Sea View Camp Site at sw 356:253.

Treeve Moor12 Brew Pool14
Image 12 is Treeve Moor - just up the road from Land`s End. A footpath leaves the A30/B 3315 junction to the north.
Lovely spot - the footpath connects with the cliff path between Sennen and Land`s End - disecting prime birding habitat.

14 is Brew Pool - to the southeast of Sennen Church - home to a long-staying Dusky Warbler in November 2001

Sennen Birding Map

Black numbers refer to the red numbers alongside the images , with arrows where appropriate showing direction of view.

The Sennen area is criss-crossed by footpaths and tracks ; and really any walk at any time of the year has a chance of turning up something unusual - such is the potency of the area for rare birds.

Any trees or shrubs on this windswept lump of granite are well worth checking ! - just such a small weatherbeaten tree some years ago at Trevilley played host to a Red-eyed Vireo !

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