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Sennnen Cove Commercial Fishing

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Sennen Cove Harboru Sennen Cove Harbour
The harbour at Sennen Cove supports a small fleet of commercial fishing boats. The boats fish all year round but can be severely restricted during the winter months due to bad weather.

Sennen Lobsters

Lobsters ready for market.

Shellfishing takes place during summer months targeting
lobster and brown crab.
Work has recently been carried out with the National Lobster Hatchery at Padstow to introduce thousands of young lobster larvae into the immediate area - another conservation measure for a sustainable lobster fishery.

Polpry II

The harbour is owned and operated by Sennen Cove Harbour Commissioners.
During recent years the Commissioners have worked with the fishermen to move the port and the fishing operations into the 21st Century.
The Commissioners have been able to provide a tractor for launching and recovering the boats. A cold store, insulated ice bins and an ice-making machine enable the fishermen to maintain their catch in pristine condition.
The infrastructure provided by the Commissioners is now complemented by the fishing effort which is quality and sustainability based. Fish is caught by handline rather then nets - so the fish come out of the water alive and in prime condition, then go straight into ice on board the boats. The quality of the final product has attracted improved prices for the fishermen and the operation has been highly complimented by many organisations as `the way forward` for small community inshore fishing.
Most of the Cove`s fishermen are members of the South West Handline Fishermen Association - have a look at their website, it is an interesting read !
There is also a very good page about handline fishing here


Ice cold prime mackerel

Plans are afoot to provide the fishermen with a small fish-packing facility which would enable them to sell their ultra-quality sustainably caught fish direct to outlets at improved prices.

Funding for the various projects comes from landing dues and harbour dues from the fishing boats. The income from the Commissioners` car park in the Cove is invested back into the harbour.
Grant assistance has also been received from various European funding initiatives.
National Lobster Hatchery South West Handline Fishermen Association
Pristine glistening hand-line caught Pollack - kept in slush-ice on board the fishing boat and on its way to market in the best possible condition.
Fishing boats landing in moderately poor weather (YouTube)